SCAG Operator Controlled Discharge Chute for 52V Tiger Cat & Cheetah


SKU 923A

Turn the discharge on or off with a twist of your wrist!

Few things can ruin the look of a perfectly manicured landscape like the unsightly appearance of clippings and debris on sidewalks, driveways and in flower beds. It’s not always easy or possible to keep mower discharge from blowing onto these areas, so you end up spending additional time to clean things up after mowing. This extra clean-up time hurts your productivity and profitability.

The Scag Operator-Controlled Discharge Chute allows the operator to temporarily close-off the cutter deck’s discharge opening when mowing along sidewalks, around flowerbeds, etc. Keeping clippings out of these areas saves you precious time to get other jobs done and make more money. A simple twist of the lever lifts the chute and closes the discharge opening.....both happen at the same time with a simple handle twist.