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Echo RedArmor 2-stroke pre-mix oil

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Manufactured with performance and ultimate protection in mind, ECHO's Red Armor® Oil is a premium 2-stroke engine oil for professionals and homeowners who want a high grade, high performing oil that promotes longer engine life, cleans existing deposits, and protects against future carbon build-up.

ECHO's Red Armor® Oil is an exclusive formula that includes powerful detergents to remove performance-robbing caked on deposits and carbon upon first use, while our special additives help to protect your engine and components from future build-up and fuel stabilizers to help keep fuel fresh for up to 2 years in a properly sealed container.

Red Armor® Fuel is a great solution for users who have equipment:
- that may be running below its normal performance
- that may be stored for long periods of time before each use
- that may be in high demand and log a lot of hours every day
- that may be subjected to varying temperatures


  • Proprietary detergents, additives and antioxidants
  • Cleans existing carbon deposits
  • Promotes longer engine life


For use with all 2-stroke, gas-powered engines

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