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Scag Hydraulic Oil Change Kit - Cheetah II

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The Only Scag Manufacturer-Tested and -Certified Lubricants on the Market

Genuine Scag® Premium Filters and Lubricants are specifically designed and formulated to meet the needs of your high-performance Scag machine. Each item is specifically formulated to provide unsurpassed levels of protection in even the most demanding operating conditions.

Scag’s selection of proprietary blends of oils and lubricants has been fully tested and certified by all Scag component suppliers.

You’ve invested in Scag—”Simply the Best” power equipment that money can buy. Why would you risk the longevity of its critical systems by using inferior filters and lubricants? Genuine Scag filters and lubricants are specially designed to meet the specific needs of your high-performance Scag machine.

This kit includes 2 gallons bottles, 2 quart bottles and 2 filters

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